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We at Jayzoq are looking for recruits and motivated volunteers who’d love to be a part of this initiative, attached below are the forms for individual writing divisions and a General form for General positions in Jayzoq (Marketing, Communications, HR and Creative Department).

The Home of Writers – Jayzoq Writing Department

The Social Compass:- In this section the writers write about Social Issues which have impacted us on a societal level. Here you’ll get to see opinionated articles from Feminism to Societal Racism but not only limited to these. This is a rather broad category and articles are written on a diverse range of topics. (We had an article about Faiz’s poetry and its political impact on the society, recently.)

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International Relations:- This is a section in which relations between different countries are discussed and how they’re having an impact on Global Politics. Often our readers get confused between Global Domestic Affairs and International Relations. The main difference here is that Global Domestic Affairs discusses Internal Politics of a country, while International Relations discusses external relations and it often involves at least two countries.

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Business:- This is a section in which the writers analyze Businesses that are succeeding and Businesses that have failed, thus putting on table information and insights which readers can digest and thus apply the same principles in their Businesses. This section is also worth reading for those individuals who find Business interesting and crave in-depth knowledge about how their favourite brands operate on an internal level.

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Global Domestic Affairs:- In this section, the writers write about Domestic Affairs of countries globally. This section discusses the internal politics of a country and how this is affecting the specific country internally.

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General Departments – Recruitment

The form attached below is for those individuals who’re interested to be a part of Jayzoq as either Marketing, Communications, HR and the Creative team.

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