Elon Musk, Tesla Inc’s, presented the statement that the car manufacturing company is on the completion of being the first to develop technology in their cars to be fully independent of driving themselves; the company has repeated the statement several times, but it never came to fruition. 

By offering buoyant advice on the ability of the Tesla Cars, the Chief Executive Officer has crossed the limit by demanding thousands of dollars from the customers by calling their recent release in 2016 as a “Full Self Driving” car. Still, until now, the company needs its users of the AutoPilot System to be fully assured and attentive. Most importantly, users need to be ready to undertake the task of driving at any moment. 

Tesla’s merging messages have led to themselves being drawn into regular scrutiny and controversy. Even worse, the company explicating, blamed a driver -who died because of an accident of his Model X- for not being extra serious on the road while using AutoPilot mode. The documents, which were made public last year, analyzed that the USA National Traffic Safety Administration had given several subpoenas for details about accidents involving particularly Tesla vehicles, giving the suggestion that the agency might have been getting ready for a formal investigation of Autopilot. 

While other various self-driving evolvers have modulated hopes for when and how their technology will be ready for installation, it does not demoralize Elon. He explained in a prerecorded video played on the 9th of July 2020, during the World AI Conference in Shanghai, that Tesla is “very close” to level five autonomy, suggesting that its cars won’t require human intervention.

“I remain confident that we will have the basic functionality for level five autonomy complete this year,” Musk explained. “I think there are no fundamental challenges remaining for level five autonomy. There are many minor problems, then there’s the challenge of solving all those minor problems and putting the entire system together, and to keep addressing the long tail of problems.”

Tesla’s main production unit where the technological development is being done

The shares of Tesla saw an extensive increase of 3.1% to $1,408.56 during the early New York trading on Thursday. Musk’s opinion differs from Alphabet Inc’s Waymo, which has later acknowledged by giving a statement that they will be anticipating human safety drivers to back up its robotaxis for innumerable years to come. Cruise’s previous year backed off strategies for the development of autonomous vehicles available for beating rides, and more highlighting has not introduced a new schedule for when such a service will be ready.  

At 49, Musk has many times claimed his company is being transformative for the autonomous drive. He is not alone in the making of his senses; Cruise CEO Dan Ammann has predicted that there will be an approximate $1 trillion addressable market in the United States for autonomous ride-hailing. 

Musk speaks about Tesla being autonomous at the Shanghai AI conference 2020

During Thursday’s video viewing at the World Al Conference, Elon Musk openly said that the authentic engineering process on Tesla’s vehicle technology is an exceedingly important facet of his company’s industrial operation in China, which are berthed by the massive new factory being constructed near Shanghai, China. 



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