You are capable. You are enough. You are here. 

No matter how dreadfully you are clinging onto life at the moment, I can assure you that you can get through it. If you are struggling with an ocean of pain inside of you, be patient with yourself because those mental or physical wounds you carry, will not heal overnight. Learn to accept them because those scars will not be markings of a victim, those will be the trophies of a survivor. Tomorrow might be a new day with the same agony, in the same person, but at least you are here, in a world which is fragile and dependent on each one of you for constant support.  

Us, as humans are flawed and will remain to be so because perfection is a myth. If anything, these imperfections we carry in our souls are what set us apart; make us uniquely our own people. You might aim at altering yourself to flawlessness, but how long will that take you? Certainly, not days. Months, years, your entire life? In the end, as you breathe your last into this forever crumbling world, will you have achieved self satisfaction and adoration? I doubt that. Self acceptance is what will make you complete. Scars and all, at least you are yourself.

Do you realize that a kaleidoscope of colours shatters the sky as the sun’s demise of the day bids farewell to the earth? This proves that even Mother Nature is fractured yet never have I ever witnessed a solo hued sunset or sunrise. Instead the sky bleeds upon the earth, mesmerising everyone in its wake; acknowledging its beauty we capture away in awe, the injuries of the sky. You might succumb, you might bleed but what holds significance is whether you get back up or leave. We are all in the same world; the same war, just different phases and opponents. However, neither of us are unbreakable, at one point we all will shatter but what matters is whether we learn to put the pieces back together. The fractures might remain, but they will shine throughout. Self worth will always come from within because everyone is in their own war; you cannot rely on another broken soul for validation. 

When someone is succumbing into an abyss of despair and grief, even a faint breeze will lift them from the clutches of darkness. Be kind to yourself and to others because one minor gesture will break or make someone’s day. You should know that people do not arrive broken. They initiate their lives with passion and yearning until something or someone comes along and disabuses them of these notions. Do not be that person who inflicts trauma upon another. Trust me, karma is real. 

One of the rules of life is that often you will make mistakes and then certain decisions. Sometimes you will regret those choices and sometimes there won’t be an awful choice, just the best of several annihilatory ones. I do not need to tell you that you can do this- by now, you know you can.

You can be the blanket of colours which bleeds upon the earth when the celestial bodies change positions, you can be the deathly beauty brought by autumn, you can be the depth of the ocean. You can be you. 

Fatima Javaid is the Editor for the Social Compass in Jayzoq. She is an Alevels student who writes about social issues through the art of poetry.
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