Levis Strauss & Co. is the world’s most recognizable and largest maker of pants. You may know the brand for their famous blue denim jeans called Levi’s. Other than jeans, the brand also manufacturers jackets, hats, skirts, shirts, belts, tailored slacks. The good thing about Levis is that they focus on the durability of their items to make sure that they last long. This will result in consumers buying less items thus making the environment more sustainable. 

The Levis ad

Their new ad focuses on the fact that global clothing consumption has doubled over the last 15 years, but there is a way to improve it. By buying better we can wear longer, by buying less we can waste less, through which we can change. This supports the idea of their brand because the clothing items that they make are versatile and can work with any kind of outfit that you put together. Moreover, since they’re so good in quality, they will last you a long time and are durable. 

Their marketing strategy for this ad focused on showcasing popular young icons like, Jaden Smith, Emma Chamberlain, Xiye Bastida, Melati Wijsen, Xiuhtezctl, and Mracus Rashford. This matches their theme of being sustainable because it showcases that the items that they produce can last their consumers, not only seasons, but generations. Jennifer Sey, the brand president, encourages the idea of wearing each item that you purchase longer, by either buying secondhand or getting the garment tailored to fit the person perfectly. By partnering with influential young people, the brand focuses on bringing change in the market to promote their motives. 

Jaden Smith in the ad

Emma Chamberlain in the ad                                     


Their slogan ‘Buy better, Wear Longer’ consists of Levi’s ongoing efforts to make their products in a sustainable way. In fact, 76% of all Levi Strauss and Co. products, and 70% of all Levi’s bottoms and Trucker Jackets are produced through their Water technology. This has proved to be successful as it has saved more than 4 billion litres of water and nearly 10 billion litres of water has been recycled. Moreover, Levi has made this innovation open-sourced information so that other brands in the industry can implement this technique and further raise the percentage and amount of water that is being saved and we all know how scarce water is. 

Although this method of sustainability has not been perfected 100%, it is still a step in the right direction. Levi’s goal is to have 100% sustainably sourced cotton and 100% renewable energy from their owned and operating facilities by 2025. A 50% reduction of water use in manufacturing in water-stressed areas by 2030 is also on the agenda. For more information you can check out their annual Sustanability update

Overall, the next time you buy an article of clothing, care for it to make it last longer. Think of creative ways you can style it with multiple outfit choices. And if you seem to have grown out of the clothing, then either pass it down to someone that might need it or recycle it. The options are endless. Be smart about your choices financially and think sustainably for the environment because the earth is our home so we might as well make it a good place for us to live in.

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