Saturday, April 13, 2024

About Jayzoq


Jayzoq is a student-run media outlet, and online magazine, dedicated to voicing opinions concerning the biggest headlines. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, our team comprises of members from as far as the United States of America, Egypt, Turkey and our Indian brothers across the border. Together, we aim to provide ethical journalism for all, thereby condemning those who twist information.
We strive to enlighten our readers with the happenings of the world we live in, the actions of the champions of money and power, and to carve out of the present day herd, a society that transcends borders and ethnicities, and instead, focuses on the social wellbeing of those with blood.
We started off with two high-school students who were adamant to do more than just solve trigonometric problems, and wanted to remind the world of the morals of journalism and show that we can change the world as we know it, without fancy investments. Inspite of our limited resources and blunt experience, we dreamed to make a platform where people could speak without repercussions, without regard for their nationalities, where they could utilize their talents to their utmost best, where they could find purpose in today’s monotonous life.
Jayzoq is a way in which the two founders could improve themselves continuously and could light the path for volunteers who wish to be a better form of themselves.
Every member of our team is a student (who isn’t?). This was a deliberation carried out by the founders of this project, to showcase the power of the youth, and their determination to make a better world for themselves.
We welcome volunteers to put their skills into use, to put their mind and soul into work they enjoy, and to craft for themselves, a wonderful future.



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